Amazon Enactor Adaptor

Amazon provides a proprietary API and series of toolkits to interact with their Amazon EC2 commercial cloud solution (Amazon AWS SDK for Java). In BonFIRE, the Enactor is making use of the toolkits, receives an OCCI request from the Resource Manager and transforms it into an Amazon API request and sends it to Amazon. A response is sent back by Amazon to the Enactor and transformed to the BonFIRE OCCI standard so the Resource Manager can understand it.

For this version of the Amazon EC2 Adaptor, only two types of resources are available: storages and computes. Since the computes created at Amazon offer public IP addresses, it was decided that, to make things simple at the beginning, to discard the option of private networks. Also, in this initial public version, the Enactor only allows the selection of the basic Amazon compute images and the private ones created by the user.

To create these resources it is necessary for the experimenter to communicate to BonFIRE an Amazon user ID. This information it is associated to a specific experiment and stored in the BonFIRE Database by the Resource Manager. The Enactor reads that information from the BonFIRE Database each time it needs to communicate to Amazon on behalf of the experimenter.

The adaptor includes support for exporting the user’s public SSH key to the Amazon’s infrastructure. When creating a compute at Amazon using its tools, the user must select a SSH key (previously uploaded to their infrastructure), which will be used to grant access to the resource. To unify the managing of keys, this enactor version checks if the default SSH user key present at his BonFIRE account has been also uploaded to the Amazon AWS infrastructure. If not, the enactor uses the corresponding API methods available in the AWS API to upload the key, reducing the user effort on maintaining his same credentials and unifying the creation and accessing of resources in both infrastructures.

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