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Testbed Specificities

Deviations of the infrastructure sites for OCCI implementation

BonFIRE infrastructure sites provide cloud interface for the management and monitoring of the virtual resources. This interface is based on the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI). OCCI describes only three kinds relating to management of cloud infrastructures: compute, network and storage In BonFIRE there are three sorts of underlying infrastructure which are homogenized via OCCI on top of them. They are:

  • OpenNebula: provided by * The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (EPCC), * Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, France (INRIA), * Universität Stuttgart, Germany (USTUTT- HLRS).
  • Virtual Wall: provided by * Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology, Belgium (IBBT);

BonFIRE decided to adopt OCCI as its standard interface to access the different infrastructure sites in a seamless manner for experimenters. However because of different semantics or working model in each underlying system, some deviations between them for OCCI implementation need to be taken into account by experimenters in describing their experiments. Since OpenNebula’s OCCI implementation can be considered as the de facto standard implementation with regards to data types, the following three tables present OCCI/OpenNebula and VW’s deviations from this de facto standard OCCI in storage, network and compute resource.

OCCI Element/Attribute VW vs OpenNebula
href NA
id NA
name NA
description NA
type NA
size NA
fstype NA
url NA
OCCI Element/Attribute VW vs OpenNebula
id Not used - generated by the database
size Same usage
name Same usage
address Same usage
public Not used
lossrate (VW specific) Value between 0 and 1
latency (VW specific) Value in ms
bandwidth (VW specific) Value in Mbps
OCCI Element/Attribute VW vs OpenNebula
href Not used
id Same usage - generated by the database
name Same usage
instance_type Not used
disk Not used
disk storage href Same usage
disk type Not used
disk target Not used
nic Same usage
nic network href Same usage
nic ip Same usage
nic mac Not used
state It is there but does not yet reflect the actual state of the node.
context (key-value pairs) Same usage.