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Experiment LifecycleΒΆ

In BonFIRE, an experiment has the following lifecycle:

  • All experiments start in the ready state.
  • When you’re finished adding resources for your initial deployment configuration, you should pass the experiment status to running. This is mandatory if you’re using VirtualWall resources (be-ibbt testbed), otherwise your experiment won’t be swapped in there.
  • When the experiment walltime is expired, the experiment will transition into the stopped state, which is a transitory state between running and terminated. At this point no resources are deleted, but you should use the time interval between stopped and terminated states to launch backup or specific shutdown procedures.
  • Let T0 be the time at which the experiment goes into the stopped state. At T1 = T0 + 300 seconds, a shutdown procedure will be called so that all compute resources are cleanly shut down before they are deleted (to ensure proper image backup if you chose to save a VM image as a new one – see Configuring Software and Saving VMs). This means you have 300 seconds for your specific backup or shutdown procedure to occur, before the forced shutdown procedure. Let us know if this is too short.
  • The shutdown procedure goes on for another 300 seconds, after which experiment resources are destroyed, and the experiment will transition into the terminated state.
  • If the user chooses to cancel the experiment (via a DELETE request), then the experiment goes directly into the terminated state, i.e. all resources are destroyed. The stopped event is not generated, and the shutdown procedure is not launched.