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An overview of BonFIRE features

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About BonFIRE

What is BonFIRE?

BonFIRE is an EU project which is designing, building and operating a multi-site cloud-based facility on top of six infrastructure testbeds operated by six project partners. The infrastructure sites offer heterogeneous Cloud resources, including compute, storage and network. For more information about the infrastructure offerings, click here.

The BonFIRE Architecture is designed to support research on applications, services and systems targeting in particular, but not exclusively, the Internet of Services (IoS) community. It has key functionalities such as monitoring at infrastructure and virtual machine level, experiment management with a single declarative experiment descriptor, elasticity, and resource management for deployment of application software over a variety of differently configured resources (compute, storage, and network). More information about the various features in BonFIRE is please see the Overview of Features page.

To find out what experimenters have done with BonFIRE already, please check out

Using BonFIRE

BonFIRE is geared towards experimentation and research into Cloud/IoS, and offers the facilities to easily create, manage and monitor experiments, whilst giving the experimenters more information and control of Cloud resources than what is offered by other public Cloud providers. To better explain what we mean by an experiment, have a look at the Introduction.

Interactions with BonFIRE are done via a RESTful interface based on OCCI, referred to as the BonFIRE API. Each of the infrastructure sites in BonFIRE are accessed through this API, which makes it very easy to conduct multi-site, geographically distributed, experiments. Moreover, all resources on all infrastructure sites are accessed with a single BonFIRE sign-on that you set up when you register an account (see Getting a BonFIRE Account ).