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Controlled Bandwidth with AutoBAHN

BonFIRE, starting from release 3.1, provides the experimenters with the possibility to request QoS-enabled network connectivity services with a guaranteed bandwidth (Bandwidth on Demand – BoD – services) to interconnect BonFIRE sites. Instead of relying on the best effort Internet connectivity, the cloud resources (storage, VMs) located in different BonFIRE sites can be interconnected through a dedicated network service with the bandwidth requested by the experimenter.

This feature is mainly targeted to the network-aware experiments that may need guaranteed bandwidth to achieve more than best-effort connections between computational resources. In fact, experimenters can obtain guarantees for the minimum bandwidth reserved to their experiment and be sure it will not be impacted by other coexisting experiments; similarly, they can obtain a maximum bandwidth guarantee, thus being capable of emulating the behaviour of a given link capacity or link congestions.

In BonFIRE the inter-site BoD services are provided by a third party network provider connecting the BonFIRE sites. In particular BonFIRE adopts the GÉANT Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) system (AutoBAHN BoD version 2.1.1), since GÉANT and the National R&E Networks (NRENs) are the primary network providers for most of the BonFIRE facility owners. In release 3.1, the offer for BoD services is limited to the interconnection between the EPCC and PSNC sites.