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Groups and Group Management


Any resource created in BonFIRE (with the exception of Amazon resources) must be created within a context of a group. Consequently, it is neccesary for BonFIRE users to be part of at least one group to be able to create experiments and resources. For Open Access experiments, a group will be created with an agreed quota for the amount of compute and storage resources can be used. See the resource accounting and quota pages for more details about this.

Groups are also the means in which experimenters can collaborate on running experiments or sharing resources such as VM images. This document describes the basics of how groups are handled by BonFIRE.


  • Every BonFIRE user must be member of at least one group.
  • Groups are uniquely identified across BonFIRE by their group ID. A group ID is a textual string consisting only of lowercase letters, digits, or the underscore character.
  • Groups can have any number of administrators (including zero). Every BonFIRE user can become group administrator.
  • A group that has at least one administrator is considered joinable by other BonFIRE users. Group administrators have to approve any user who wants to join a group under their control.
  • Group administrators can add or remove other BonFIRE users to and from their groups. They can not, however, remove the last administrator from a group.
  • Group administrators can appoint other members of their respective group as administrators as well as revoke admin status of existing administrators. They can not, however, revoke admin status of the last administrator of a group.

Group Overview Page

The portal offers a page for users and group administrators to view. It is available through the “Groups” button on the top right menu bar on the BonFIRE portal, as per the following screenshot:


The URL of the page is This page shows a list of all groups a user is member of. Clicking on a group will show a group details page, which includes information about group members and allowed quotas.


Group Details Page

The group details page shows for each group, which users are momber of that group and amount of BonFIRE resources the group (as a whole) is allowed to consume. In addition, group administrators can add or remove members or set administrator status for members from here. An example, with user details redacted, is shown in the screenshot below:


Creating a Group

The only way for BonFIRE users to create a new group is by proposing a new BonFIRE experiment. To do so, simply click the “Propose Experiment” button on the top left menu bar on the BonFIRE portal. Enter the details of the proposed experiment on the next page and submit the information. Once a BonFIRE administrator has approved the experiment, a new group will automatically be created with the user who proposed the experiment set as group administrator.

Joining a Group

BonFIRE users can request to join existing groups. To do so, access the group overview page by clicking the “Groups” button on the top right menu bar on the BonFIRE portal. There, simply choose which group you would like to join from the drop down menu. Note that a group administrator has to approve this request before you become a member of the chosen group. You will be notified via Email once this has happened.