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Tips and best practices for experimenting

Access a http accessible server running on a VM in be-ibbt

For a web service scenario as the following: there is an experiment running at be-ibbt, that runs a http accessible server. The IP of that server is therefore an IP in the BonFIRE WAN, not accessible from user’s browser outside of the WAN in a workstation because be-ibbt does not provide public IP addresses.

Suggestion 1

Use ssh port-forwarding capabilities. Setting this up depends on your ssh client, but the principle is that your ssh client will forward all connections of a local port to the remote port of the server. In Linux, you would run ssh -L 8080:<ip-of-you-srt-at-ibbt>:80 for http connections, and then point the browser running on your workstation to http://localhost:8080

Suggestion 2

Deploy a web proxy with a public IP on a BonFIRE site that supports them as part of your experiment. This proxy is a VM with a Public IP and an IP on the BonFIRE WAN that will proxify access to your server

Suggestion 3

Use the VPN for users .

Access one VM from another VM in BonFIRE WAN

BonFIRE copies only your public key into a VM ( file.ssh/autohirzed_keys), so if you want to access one VM from another VM, and both VMs are running in BonFIRE WAN, you need to copy your private key from your home machine into the .ssh folder of the VM. (named the keys in the standard convetion id_rsa / . Only doing that allows you to access another VM passwordless. Please pay attention on the permissions

Another possibility is via ssh gateway (path to your id_bonfire may be different):

ssh -i .ssh/id_bonfire root@IP

Using NFS to share files between VMs over BonFIRE WAN

This method can be used to share files between BonFIRE VMs over the WAN. Please Note, the VW has its own NFS (VW NFS) which is accessible from elsewhere in BonFIRE too.

On the VM that is going to serve the files:

# apt-get install nfs-common nfs-kernel-server

Edit /etc/exports to include the following line:

/srv,sync,insecure) is the IP address of the client; obviously you can list multiple clients or specify a range if you have more than one. /srv is the directory to be shared. There are also lots of possible options. What is best depends very much on what you are doing.

Restart the nfs server:

# service nfs-common restart

On the client:

# apt-get install nfs-common
# mount /mnt/srv is the IP of the server. In this case we mount the nfs share on /mnt/srv.

If you have two clients you can do something like this:


Note that you can give different options to each client.

You could specify a range like, although it would not be expected that to be as generally useful for BonFIRE experiments.

Upgrade the OS

See this HOWTO: Upgrading to Debian Wheezy.