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Contextualisation elements in OCCI can be used to pass initialisation values for an compute resource in the form of simple key-value pairs. This is used by the BonFIRE testbeds and the BonFIRE API, but is also available to the users for specifying, for example:

  • The IP address of the Zabbix Aggregator when deploying compute resources (the Portal will do this automatically).
  • Any custom monitoring metrics.
  • Elasticity trigger rules, if the EaaS is used.
  • Post-install scripts, which can run after the VM has been deployed.
  • Any additional SSH keys, to allow multiple users access to experiment VMs.

The contextualisation element is generic, so that any key-value pairs could be defined. The contextualisation variables are written to /etc/default/bonfire, so you can source this file to access the variables within your experiment VMs. Follow the links below for more information.