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Overview of StorageΒΆ

When deploying compute resources, a VM image needs to be selected that has a particular OS and storage size. In BonFIRE, the maximum size of a VM image is 10GB, which might not be enough for running a particular experiment. In this case, the VMs can be extended with Datablock Storage resources, for which you can define the file system of (e.g., ext3, jfs, reiserfs) and the desired storage size, which are mounted in the VMs. It is also possible to make this storage extend the root partition of your compute node instead of being mounted as a separate partition.

Another special type of storage resource in BonFIRE is the shared storage. At the moment this can only be created at the be-ibbt testbed. Unlike the other storage types, shared storages are accessible by multiple computes at the same time. If the storage was created outside the scope of an experiment, it can even be accessed by computes from different experiments.

If you’re starting an experiment in BonFIRE, you may also want to have a look at Advanced Storage Features.