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Instance TypesΒΆ

The different infrastructure sites in BonFIRE offer heterogeneous resources. Therefore, to allow a uniform taxonomy of the specification of the VMs that can be deployed, we have adopted a common set of instance types as listed below. To see how these instance types are used when you deploy compute resources in BonFIRE, have a look a the Portal documentation.

Taxonomy of Instance Types in BonFIRE
Name CPU cores Memory Features  
lite 0.5 256MB    
small 1 1GB    
medium 2 2GB    
large 2 4GB    
large+ 2 4GB Higher CPU clock speed (over 3GHz)  
large-en 4 4GB Emulated network It is a minimum and may not be exactly what the user gets
xlarge 4 8GB    
xlarge+ 4 8GB Higher CPU clock speed (over 3GHz)  
Custom user defined user defined VCPU must be an integer  

Each site/testbed in BonFIRE can support multiple instance types, as well as being able to specify custom instance types. An overview of what is supported for each site is provided below.

Instance types supported on each testbed
Site lite small medium large large+ large-en xlarge xlarge+ custom CPU=VCPU?
EPCC + + + ++     ++   + Yes (except lite CPU=0.25)
HLRS + + + + ++   + ++ + Yes
IBBT VW           ++       Yes
INRIA + + +           + Yes
PSNC + + + +     +      

Legend +: Possible; ++: Preferred; blank: Not possible.