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Accessing BonFIRE for Fed4FIRE users


Users: For a BonFIRE/Fed4FIRE tutorial of how to start an experiment using SFA and jFed and monitor it using OML, you can visit this page.

Testbeds: For a tutorial to build an SFA Aggregate Manager using the GENI reference implementation that can handle user authentication, see GitHub.

Get access

You need to apply for an account to use BonFIRE. To apply for an account, go to and fill in the requested fields. You should select the group that corresponds to the name of your experiment. If you don’t see your experiment in the list then please e-mail

Once your account has been approved you can start using BonFIRE.

Use BonFIRE through SFA tooling

If you wish to use BonFIRE through its Aggregate Manager interface (conforming to the SFA AMv3 API), please read BonFIRE Aggregate Manager documentation. To discover BonFIRE’s native interfaces, you may want to read Steps To Getting Started. Information regarding OMF/OML can be found in the OMF/OML page. For support please see

Fed4FIRE users may also wish to use the jFed tool to interact with BonFIRE. For details on jFed see the jFed documentation.