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BonFIRE EaaS - Elasticity as a ServiceΒΆ

The elasticity as a service is a feature that allows experimenters to run an elastic experiment. Elasticity means that is possible to dynamically increase or decrease the number of computing resources to cope with different situation of load.

The experimenter only need to prepare an image that contains his service and configure the Elasticity Engine in order to use this disk during an elastic experiment. The elasticity engine will use this disk to create the virtual machine that will serve users requests. In order to distribute the load among those virtual machine there are two different kind of load balancers: HAProxy and Kamailio (using the dispatcher module). Those are enough for HTTP and SIP application stateless load balancing.

The EaaS in BonFIRE uses the monitoring aggregator for retrieving information regarding the load of the virtual machines. It interoperates with the broker for dynamically adding and removing compute resources based on some “rules” specified by the user. For more information about how to do this, please see the How To Use the BonFIRE EaaS page.