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JSON Experiment Descriptor

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Creating a Managed Experiment From the GUI

The following is a step by step process for creating an experiment descriptor and then submitting it to create an experiment.
  1. Log onto the BonFIRE Portal using your BonFIRE credentials.
  2. Press the Managed Experiments button:
  1. Press the Create Managed Experiment button.
  1. Fill in the experiment details and press Continue.
  1. Select a Compute, Network or Storage resource to create.
  1. Fill in the resource details and press Continue.

7. When all of the resources have been added, select Submit experiment descriptor and press Continue to view the experiment descriptor .

  1. View (and optionally edit) the experiment descriptor. Press Finish.
  1. View the managed experiment. Refresh the page to see an update of its log file.

10. The log will list the resources that have been deployed. Click the Experiment link to see the details of the deployed experiment.

  1. The experiment page.

Amazon (AWS) Support

Currently, the Experiment Descriptor builder component of the BonFIRE portal only supports specifying the keys neccesary for creating an AWS enabled experiment but does not support addding AWS resources. As a temporary workaround when AWS support is required for a Managed Experiment, AWS resources can be specified manually in the Experiment Descriptor. To view and edit the Experiment Descriptor before it is submitted click “View ED”.